Widal&Weil-Felix Test
Diagnostic Kit for IgG-Antibody
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About Widal&Weil-Felix Test
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Ņ»”¢ Diagnostic bacterium solution
1. bacterium solution should be stored at 2 ~ 8 ”ę.
2. Please shake the bottle well before use.
3. The negative control must be done to ensure the reliable of the positive results.
4. Please note that the diagnostic bacterium solution should be added into the serum, and the order can not be reversed.
5. Please add the diluted bacterium solution into the tube slowly and make sure there is no residue left on the wall.
6. Please use normal saline as the diluent during the test.
¶ž”¢Diagnostic sera
1. The diagnostic serum are ready to use. Dilution is unnessary.
2. Normal saline should be used to test whether the bacterium will occur self-solidifying.
3. In order to observe the agglutination clearly , the diagnostic serum and bacterium solution should be mixed sufficiently.
4. The degree of flagella development will influence the detection of H sera. And sometimes the induction is necessary in the bacterial culture.
5. Serum should be uesd within the validity and avoid freeze.
Čż”¢Elisa kit
1. The kit should be stored at 2 ~ 8 ”ę. Befor using, it shoule be balanced in the room temperture for 30 minutes.
2. Please select the appropriate pipette during the test.
3. During the tset, the sample dillution sould be added firstly, then positive control, negative control and blank control are added into the wells. The whole process should be completed as soon as possible.
4. Please according to use instruction strictly, and washing buffer should be prepared freshly.
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